Karachi: The Unbreakable Bond

Karachi transmits all the great feelings of the world. Love, protection and satisfaction are the feelings which she extends to the people by gently taking everyone around her in her exterior with her cultures, look and feel. She takes a person deeply inside of her by making them feel at home with its diversity and acceptance of contrasting ethnic groups.

My levels of physical emotion are temperamental in the midst of the hustle which inhibits Karachi’s massive existence. She has captivated her way into the lives of her people. She has invaded personal spaces like propelling herself like a sledge hammer. The plans for an evening depend on how Karachi is feeling that particular day. She has swelled her people with excitement and torture. The unpredictable Karachi is uninvited but squeezes in the lives of her owners.

In the beginning of the year, she behaves with the most utmost respect for the people but then she gets aggressive as the year reaches its end. She has a calm mood at sunrise. On most days, she would take out all her anger on the people, leaving them sweaty and unsatisfied. While on some days, she would be calm and would, out of the blue, make the people who are close to her, feel blessed for creating and adjusting schedules for a better day. Her breath is cooling all the inner demons that want to claw out of their constrained selves.

A street in old Karachi in 1900
A street in old Karachi in 1900
Bird's Eye View Suddar Bazaar in 1900
Bird’s Eye View Suddar Bazaar in 1900
Empress Market in 1900
Empress Market in 1900

She doesn’t talk about her past. Whenever I ponder with her, she gets engaged in her thoughts. It seems that she is desperately finding the answers to the questions about her history herself. She has been tormented to replace her life by her surroundings of anger, hatred and abuse. She has traded all her memories with new, materialistic and durable commodities which would fill the gap for her anxious thirst for acceptance. On some of her days, it seems, she pretends that she has accepted the gruesome change in her but inside her heart she misses her artistic body even before the British Raj. The aasar-e-qadima in Karachi is alive in the hearts of every soul who has ever been close to her.

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Umru Ayar – The Awakening: What is it all about

Excited as ever to meet JC (Ramish Safa) and Sufi (Nofal Khan), the people who have raised the intensity of love for comics in Pakistanis, the makers of history, I knew I would be gruesomely awestruck in their presence. It wasn’t a surprise when I learned that the people at Kachee Goliyan (yes their team has grown) were launching the first of its kind comic book featuring Umru Ayar. The launch in Karachi took place at T2F where I could see people from all ages coming to witness how do the people with a creative mind look like, what are their ideas and perceptions, interacting with them to just get the feel of what their mindset is and learning from them.

Umru Ayar
Umru Ayar

The launch started off with Ramish, Nofal and their team introducing how Kachee Goliyan was born and how it has helped them grow intellectually. The launch went ahead where they explained how Umru was going to be the ‘desi’ superhero and how they want to change his image through their comics. Instead of having a cunning feel, he will be shown to be wiser in the upcoming comics. A question which was asked was will the stories in the comics be taken from the original or Umru Ayar will be having new adventures and experiences. Ramish responded by saying that it will be entirely new, the stories of Umru will be leaving an impact and will be different from the original.

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Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Shopping With Tohfay.com

Guest Post by one of  Tohfay.com’s customer

I don’t really preferred online shopping but Tohfay.com shifted my perceptive so I am writing some reasons why I prefer Tohfay.com over other websites.

1) Tohfay.com is no doubt the largest online shopping portal with variety of more than 2,500+ products. This gives me more space to choose with ease.

2) Tohfay.com is offering free shipping which means there are no hidden charges other than listed on the website.

3) Most Reliable service: As I was going through the testimonial page I loved this feedback and this is the reason why I placed order with Tohfay.com

I m very much pleased with your service. Perfect timings..Extremely reliable… wonderful service and good quality things really very happy …thank u so much Tohfay.com.  ~Asim Waqar from Canada

4) Timely delivery with no headache because whenever my order is delivered I receive a delivery conformation email which strengthens the trust factor.

5) Aw-inspiring customer service: I have used tons of websites to shop online but to tell you the truth they all offered zero level customer service but with Tohfay.com my experience was different. I placed the order and even when the order got messed up, Tohfay.com was there to satisfy with refund, re-delivery or offering discount on my next order.

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Show others how strong you are!

Be strong as a lion!
Be strong as a lion

As the moments pass me by I have no option but to get stronger and learn from them. Yeah I have my life where I study and make amends with whatever is happening around me good or bad but the thing is it’s not really what I had imagined it would be. Recently I was going through a lawn magazine which had heavy work all over the lawn dresses. The type you wear in weddings and the models were working them. Just as I was about to get attached and beg my mum to buy me one my mom went like “These are so impractical. How can one wear such dresses which scream social suicide” oh okay I may have exaggerated it a bit but that’s what she meant I’m sure. So what I learned from this little incident was that that whatever perception you make about anything is largely influenced by outside factors. Influenced to a level where your own thought processes are altered. In a completely different world, there are some situations where you want someone to say what you want to hear. Example: when someone says to me you look so thin in black no seriously where are you can’t see you girl. and I blush and reply with awww.

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Stop Racism Unite Together


Before starting blog on Racism I just want to say that this message is not to offend anyone.

Well Racism is a kind of conviction that distinctiveness and aptitudes can be accredited to people of different cast, color, origin and religion. In Racism the other person is discriminated on the basis of those prior things. One group try to show domination are superiority to others. Racism and inequity have been used as powerful weapons for hatred of others in times of clashes.

 “Racism as a term is usually applied to actions by a dominant group in a society on others”. (friesian.com)

Such dissimilarity can be precised on a level that it demolishes the whole image and that result in the social and political advantage of one group in relation to others.

These days Racism is commonly persisting in the society. All the European and Asian countries are infected by this. In fact in European countries usually it’s been observed that blacks have traditionally suffered from higher rates of unemployment than whites.

A case study specifies that, in actuality, inequity likely contributes to the black-white unemployment gap.

I been to Dubai last year I saw that mostly Pakistani’s suffer a lot with the above employment situation that they don’t get employments just like the way Indian get. It is also being observed that Indians mostly prefer any other Indian rather than Pakistani or any other country national on the jobs. Whenever any vacancy enclosed so mostly times it is written that “ABC National person is required for the XYZ position.” My question is; Why to create such gaps? Why such discrimination is prevailing? Owing to everyone suffers a lot. That is thing that creates fissure among each other and it builds hatred.

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Celebrating the spirit of March 23rd – Long Live Pakistan


We Pakistanis celebrate the 23rd of March, every year, with immense enthusiasm, to honor the most outstanding achievement of the Muslims of South Asia who passed the historic Pakistan Resolution on this day at Lahore. Seventy-one years ago, on March 23, 1940, at Muslim League’s 27th session, under Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s vibrant leadership, he moved a resolution and demanded a separate sovereign state for the Muslims in the North West and Eastern Zones of the sub-continent, where they were in majority. The resolution was seconded by Ch. Khaliq-uz-Zaman and supported by several prominent leaders and members of the Muslim League party to transcribe the hopes and wishes of millions of Muslims into reality.

The golden words of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in his Presidential lecture to the session carried a far deeper impression on the broken and demoralized Muslims at the hands of ruthless and undemocratic Congress rule. Mr. Jinnah said that

The Hindus and Muslims belong to two different religious philosophies, social customs, and literature.They neither inter-marry nor inter-dine together, and they belong to two different civilizations which are based mainly on conflicting ideas and conceptions.

The Pakistan Resolution created deep down a sense of nationalism, integrity, solidarity, and enthusiasm for getting out of slavery, in the hearts and minds of the Muslims of the sub-continent, which later resulted in a preponderant movement on the basis of which Pakistan was established.

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Electricity Failure in Pakistan

Elect 1

Electricity failure in Pakistan is one of the severe challenges the country is facing today. Electricity is essential part of our daily life and its outage has sternly affected the economy and overall living of ours.

As we all are pretty aware that we Karachites suffer daily with disturb sleepless nights and stay put devoid of electricity. The city of lights fell into darkness due to extended declared and undeclared load shedding, causing trouble to citizens. Massive power breakdown smacks almost the whole city, exposes the ill-maintained transmission and distribution network of the privatised Karachi Electric Supply Company. Those without generators and UPS faced tremendous problems. Vast areas of Karachi thrust into darkness on after several transmission feeders of the Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) tripped daily.


Frequent power failure on a large scale have become quite common in the past three years since KESC focuses on area-wise power outages whenever there is a shortfall. Karachi needs around 33-35 mw of power during peak hours, while the total generation including different registered companies under KESC’s licensed area comes to 20.5-22.5 mw (Wikkipedia). The short supply of 11.5 mw is not a big deal if one is determined to resolve the problem.

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10 tips for CV writing that will get you Hired

Tips of CV writing1) Objective

Write clear and short objective. Don’t write an encyclopedia of your achievements. Just give 2-3 lines on how you are planning to add value to the company or how excited you are to grow with the company.

2) Be relevant

If you are applying for marketing job for GOD sake don’t list 3 pages of your designing experience and then half a page of your marketing expertise. Time is money and in business if you are not relevant you will be kicked out right from the door.

3) Double check your spellings

First impression is the last impression. In school they deduct your marks if your spelling is wrong but in business they drop your CV. Make sure spelling feature is enabled in your Word pressing program.

4) Keep it short

Don’t overdo your CV. Keep it short. No need to write paragraphs of your expertise just lists it down in bullet points. That will be enough.

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Aamir Khan turns 48.. Happy Birthday Mr. Perfectionist

A very Happy birthday to Aamir Khan: How did Mr. Perfectionist become such a gigantic star?

As the Intelligent Khan of Bollywood turns to 48 today, we seize a look at his filmography squished into a nutshell.

Aamir Khan was born in 14 March 1965 and was named as Aamir Hussain Khan by his parents,
He is an Indian film actor, director, and producer who has recognized himself as one of the leading actors of Hindi cinema commonly referred to as Bollywood.

Starting his career as a child actor in his uncle Nasir Hussain’s film Yaadon Ki Baaraat 1973, Khan began his professional career eleven years later with Holi 1984 and had his first commercial success with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 1988.
Aye mere Humsafar and Pehla Nasha were the greatest hits of 1988.

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